Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dagg Sound

17 Febuary
JamesWrites: Text Message From Babs via the Satellite phone DAGGS SOUND.BUT YOUR FORECAST WRONG. STRONG WINDS 40 KNOTS AFTER LUNCH" so I guess I cant be right all the time, but Babs did get a bit further towards Milford and a hot shower!
It seems difficult to get the forecasts right down there, even the different services conflict sometimes. 
Tomorrow could be strong southerlies and a large 4m Swell, but Tuesday looks good with Variable winds under and around 10 knots, so we hope she makes for North of Secretary Island via Doubtful Sound where she has a little more sheltered paddling. "Seems the more settled weather from the LaNinya (opposite to a El Nino) has yet to kick in" comments Paul Caffyn.


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