Wednesday, December 26, 2007

South for Picton the long way!

Wednesday 26th December (Picture of a surfer in a more sheltered bay).

Waima River Mouth

James writes: We stripped down her Kayak taking away much of the things we know she can do without including her Apple powerbook, a large lens and some other little items, just to gether weight down and to do away with the deck bag that was catching to much wind. That morning she set out alone with many mixed and sad emotions at 0630 hours with a much lighter kayak, in what was perfect but cloudy conditions. After 15 minutes a strong southerly wind kicked in. I quickly loaded my kayak and gear to go meet her in the next bay, when just as I was to drive off (I had hitched into Picton and collected the car the night before), I hear Babs shouting, she had made a smart move and turned back, the condition became even harder for the day. My ferry wasn’t till later in the evening so we had a look down the coast visiting the seal colony, before coming back and fixing some small things before I had had to leave again for the North Island.
So from today I will receive short text messages or phone calls from Babs and will up date the web every few days. I will have a map link up soon so all can follow her easily, but Ill need a better internet connection. I will also be feeding her weather reports. She is out out on her own now heading for Picton, the long way! 


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