Saturday, December 29, 2007

Shelter in Kaikoura

James writes:
26th December Babs sent me a SMS at 5am saying she is heading out in a half hour, 8pm that night a quick phone call saying she made Kaiakoura on the southern side due a dumping swell on the northern side. She was tired after 60 kms, but was happy some local people recognised her from the article in the Christchurch news paper, and she was quickly showered and feed. I was just happy I heard from her, its not easy wondering whats happening after 12 hours, something to get usd to the next months just as in Norway.

The next day on the 27th Babs attempted to get away when the weather should improve before lunch, but for the 2nd time made a smart move and quickly came back to shelter where she left from as the winds and swell picked up again.

Now she is starting to see a pattern, but as a local said, the wind blows two ways, "up the coast and down the coast", but the morinings are often more stable and if you see dark clouds south in the horizon, its likely to be the nasty southerly, so its time to seek safety.


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