Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gore Bay 80 k in a day!

James writes:
29th December.
The weather forecast is good and Babs makes for her longest day yet 80 km, she makes Gorebay and has to get a ride with a local person to where she can use a phone just to report in safe. The satellite phone to be collected in Christchurch seems more and more practical even on the east coast we expected good GSM phone coverage.

30th December 9am.  
Babs just called to say she is heading for shelter after heading out early for what we thought would be great conditions, she can see the weather changing quicker than expected later today. Below is the weather map forecasted 8 hours ago, there are two cold fronts below moving up, these may slow her progress next days, buts its Island weather and one thing is certain, there is a "change coming".


Anonymous celina said...

Hi James. We meet Babs on Claverley Beach for lunch. We heard all about you and the wonderful job you are doing in Sweden. We were able to give Babs our contact numbers incase of an emergency.

Glad to see all is going well for her and look for to keeping a close eye on her process.

The Thom Family, Claverley Beach

January 19, 2008 at 5:23 PM  

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